One of those days

I fought, cried and pushed but it was all gone. I did everything in my power to make him stay but he was on his way. I had many reasons to dump him and have a nasty break up but for that one reason I stayed, I loved him. He meant everything to me but I did not mean anything to him. He didn’t want anything to do with me. He wanted me out of his life, he wanted me gone. I am sure he felt like blocking me and delete my number. The relationship was dead before I even notice. I was so blinded with trying to make it work I didn’t realize he was trying so hard to push me away. He didn’t care anymore, he was done with me.

The painful part is that everyone blamed me for the break up. He acted so innocent to the extent that no one wanted to hear my story. I was heartbroken and in my own corner. I felt like my world was crumbling down. I never imagined my life without him, let alone be with someone else.

I later realized I was not to blame for everything. I had tried all I could to save the dead relationship. It was his ego, his pride that killed what we had built. He could not accept he was wrong, he did not notice all he needed to do was just apologize was tired of apologizing and making up when I had not done anything. After everything had been done, I had to pick up the pieces, shake off the dust and move on!










Let’s do this together!

There was a time when I had a problem with my bank account and wanted a reversal of a transaction I had done.I was referred to a beautiful woman, more beautiful and good looking and I thought she was the best person to assist me but it took ages for us to understand each other.She looked so busy to pay attention. When I thought she was finally going to help me, oops! She said sorry ma’am I can’t help you, I am not understanding your problem.I was heartbroken because I thought I saw a mother and a sister in her.

After some days I was then referred to a man, not very young and not very old. He would call me his in-law, told him my issue and before I knew it, it was all sorted out.I don’t know if it was because he was a man or he was just being generous.

I used to think I have problems dealing with women to the extent that when I need something I totally avoid women. Not because I hate women or I am a sexist of some sort but because of attitudes women give each other. Women cannot assist each other because of some unrealistic competition that we create in our heads. We see each other as threats instead of treating each other as sisters the same way men do.

The world can be a better place if we start appreciating our own and appreciation each other no matter what position we are in.The world can be a better place if we start showing each other love as women. Let’s show each other respect and let’s be willing to help each other. Let’s be nice to one another.991d8a689826d13dfcdaba1a4f38e884.jpg

The dream that i had

So today woke up thinking about shoes.I don’t if it was dream that i had but it took me long to decide what shoe to wear.I then realized there are some shoes that we can not wear in winter because they don’t look good with what we will be wearing and also because of the cold weather.